Eau Ressoursante Deodorante 100 spray

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Il profumo calmante di Eau Ressursante  ti immergerà in ua dolce serenità e ritroverai l'armonia. La sua delicata composizione di oli essenziali aromatici e lenitivi, stimola il relax.



The calming scent of Eau Ressourcante plunges you into a sweet serenity and you will find harmony. Its delicate composition of aromatic and soothing essential oils stimulates relaxation.

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Christian da Neustadt in Holstein

Hello Mr. Marino, thank you very much for your offer. I transferred the money via paypal just some minutes ago. The paypal number is (...) Thanks a lot for your efforts and your help on this. I hope you are doing fine. Thanks and best regards from the Baltic Sea,