Visionnaire Eye Cream 15ml

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Prepara oggi la tua pelle di domani con Visionnaire Yeux Balsamo Occhi per un’azione multi-correttiva progressiva contro rughe, occhiaie e borse sotto gli occhi. Formulata con la tecnologia Hydrta Blur, questa formula immediatamente rinfrescante mira alle imperfezioni del contorno occhi. La sua texture leggera si fonde facilmente con la pelle, agendo sulle linee sottili, uniformando il colorito del contorno occhi e riducendo la comparsa di borse e occhiaie.



Prepare your skin for tomorrow today with Visionnaire Yeux Eye Balm for a progressive multi-corrective action against wrinkles, dark circles and bags under the eyes. Formulated with Hydrta Blur technology, this instantly refreshing formula targets imperfections around the eyes. Its light texture blends easily with the skin, acting on fine lines, smoothing the color of the eye contour and reducing the appearance of bags and dark circles.

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Sandi da Pulham Dorchester GB

Dear Giuseppe Thank you the parcel arrived today, it is a surprise for my husbands birthday as he loved the fragrance when we recently visited Taormina! Thank you for your excellent service! Kind Regards Sandi