Capture Youth Soin Regard Anti-Oxydant 15ml

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Soin Regard Anti-Oxydant dona dinamicità al contorno occhi per agire in maniera mirata su borse, occhiaie, rughe e rughette. Arricchito da un principio attivo di origine naturale con un’efficacia comparabile a quella del retinolo, ridensifica e leviga la pelle all’istante. Lo sguardo si mantiene giovane per tutta la giornata.



Soin Regard Anti-Oxydant gives dynamism to the eye contour to act in a targeted manner on bags, dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines. Enriched with an active ingredient of natural origin with an efficacy comparable to that of retinol, it instantly redensifies and smoothes the skin. The look remains young throughout the day.


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Sandi da Pulham Dorchester GB

Dear Giuseppe Thank you the parcel arrived today, it is a surprise for my husbands birthday as he loved the fragrance when we recently visited Taormina! Thank you for your excellent service! Kind Regards Sandi